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Q1. - Why does my check keep getting smaller?

Most wells’ production decline overtime. This is because there is only so much recoverable oil and gas in a reservoir. As either the reservoir pressure declines, or the 
well waters out, your monthly check will get smaller.




Q2. - How do I calculate my royalty interest?

We get asked this question a lot. Here is a simple step by step guide to calculate your royalty interest.

- Take the number of mineral acres owned, and
- divide that number by the acres in that well’s drilling or spacing unit, then
- multiply this number by the royalty received as per your oil and gas lease.

Example: - You own 10 net mineral acres, the spacing unit is 640 acres and the royalty is 1/8, what is my royalty interest?

- 10 net mineral acres divided by 640 acres = .015625
- multiply .015625 times 1/8 and you get .001953125
- .001953125 is your royalty decimal interest.
- This is the number you should see on your check under the column “decimal interest.”





Q3. - What is the difference between a royalty interest and an overriding royalty interest?

A royalty interest is generated from the ownership of minerals in a section. When a well is to be drilled, your minerals are then leased for a certain royalty. Common royalties are 1/8, 1/6 and 3/16.

An overriding royalty interest can be assigned from a working interest owner to a person. An overriding royalty interest may also be generated by someone who has leased a person’s minerals and then assigns their leasehold to a working interest owner and retains an override. Neither a royalty or overriding royalty interest owner pays any well costs associated with the drilling, recompletion or workover of a well. They also do not pay any of the monthly operating expenses associated with a well.




Q4. - How do I find out my drilling or spacing unit size for a well?

Call your State’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and ask them how to get a copy of a drilling or spacing unit order for the well you are interested in. Here are phone numbers for the appropriate state agencies:
Alabama Oil & Gas Board 205-349-2852
Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission 479-646-6611
California Division of Oil & Gas 916-445-9686
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission 303-894-2100
Kansas Corporation Commission 316-337-6200 
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources 225-342-4500
Michigan Department of Natural Resources 517-334-6961
Mississippi Oil & Gas Board 601-354-7142
Montana Oil & Gas Conservation Division 406-444-6675
Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission 308-254-6919
Nevada Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources 702-687-4360
New Mexico Dept. of Energy & Natural Resources 505-827-7132
North Dakota State Industrial Commission 701-328-8020
Oklahoma Corporation Commission 405-521-2301
Texas Railroad Commission 512-463-6887
Utah Dept. of Oil, Gas & Mining 801-538-5340
Wyoming Oil & Gas Commission 307-234-7147





Q5. - What if I don’t think I’m being paid properly?

Call the operator of your well and explain why you do not feel you are being paid properly. Ask to speak to a division order analyst, or a revenue accountant in charge of your property. In order to answer your question(s), the operator will need the name and location of your well.




Q6. - What is a split stream connection?

A split stream connection is when more than one purchaser buys gas from a well. When this occurs, you must monitor the split stream connection to be sure you are receiving your full share of gas revenue attributable to your interest.




Q7. - How do I find the monthly oil and gas production from my property?

Look at your check stubs for a heading that says “Gross Volume” or “Gross Production Volume.” This will give you the production for that month. If you want historical production, check the appropriate state agency web site found under Links or call IHS Energy Group at 1-800-468-3381. IHS Energy Group can provide historical production data for a fee.




Q8. - If I ask for an offer for my interest, am I obligated in any way?

No, you are not obligated in any way.




Q9. - How do I receive an offer?

You can either call us at (405) 604-0781 or you can fill out a short form that is transmitted to us by clicking here. We will call you with an offer after we receive your information.

If you could not find your question here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your question.  If you prefer to e-mail us your question, click here. We will respond quickly.



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