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National Association of Royalty Owners www.naro-us.org
Independent Petroleum Association of America www.ipaa.org
Louisiana Independent Oil & Gas Assn. www.lioga.com
Oklahoma Independent Producers Association www.oipa.com
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners www.tipro.org
Society of Petroleum Engineers www.spe.org
Society of Professional Well Log Analysts www.spwla.org
American Association of Petroleum Geologists www.aapg.org



State Agencies:

Alabama Oil & Gas Board http://ogbweb.gsa.tuscaloosa.al.us
Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission www.aogc.state.ar.us
California Division of Oil & Gas www.consrv.ca.gov
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission www.dnr.state.co.us
Kansas Corporation Commission www.kcc.state.ks.us
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources www.dnr.state.la.us
Michigan Department of Natural Resources www.deq.state.mi.us/gsd
Mississippi Oil & Gas Board www.ogb.state.ms.us
Montana Oil & Gas Conservation Division http://bogc.dnrc.state.mt.us
Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission www.iogcc.state.ok.us
Nevada Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources www.state.nv.us/cnr/
New Mexico Dept. of Energy & Natural Resources www.emnrd.state.nm.us
North Dakota State Industrial Commission www.explorer.ndic.state.nd.us
Oklahoma Corporation Commission www.occ.state.ok.us
Texas Railroad Commission www.rrc.state.tx.us
Utah Dept. of Oil, Gas & Mining www.nr.state.ut.us/ogm/dogm.htm
Wyoming Oil & Gas Commission www.ogcc.state.wy.us



Production Data:

IHS Energy Group (PI/Dwights LLC) www.ihsenergy.com



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