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Why Sell Your Interest


1) Immediate Cash Payment

Oil and gas wells are a depleting asset. Through time, the production from a well will decrease resulting in a lower check to you. For this reason, many people choose to sell their interest and take the cash today. As we all know, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar five years down the road. People
can then take this cash and apply it towards a needed purchase; or they can re-invest it. Many people are more familiar with other types of investments, and thus feel safer with them.


2) Estates

Often when a family member passes they leave behind a mineral interest in their estate. If there are a number of heirs to the interest, it may become divided to a point that it is not worthwhile for any one party to manage their proportionate share. It may also become burdensome trying to get the producer to

divide the interest among the heirs. Greenstar can make an offer to purchase this interest. Should you need the interest evaluated, Greenstar can provide a reserve analysis, which can be used in a Probate proceeding.


3) Day to Day Management of Properties

Many people dislike the day to day paperwork of managing their properties.
ˇ book & monitor checks
ˇ maintain records of income
ˇ 1099 forms, federal and state tax returns
ˇ proposals to review
ˇ well production to monitor, are you being paid correctly?


Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning the sale of your working, mineral or overriding royalty interests.


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